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Intensive program as lifelong education by the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, Chiang Mai University

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Program Overview and Purpose

Dive into the intricacies of political topics with our exceptional professors, who bring real-world experience to our courses. The course endeavors to cultivate a positive outlook on conflict resolution, promoting peaceful negotiations and proactive political engagement in our contemporary era.

The curriculum is structured to build robust citizenship skills, emphasizing:

  1. Awareness of rights and responsibilities, fostering a commitment to contribute to a harmonious, resilient community.
  2. Courage to challenge injustice, coupled with a commitment to collaborative innovation, personal growth, and the pursuit of sustainable societal development.
  3. Acquisition of a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills, fostering attitudes and values that champion diversity, equity, and communal well-being.
Global Citizenship CMU
Global Citizenship CMU


Learn how to become an "Active Citizen"

Skills for being a strong citizen (Active Citizen), which are part of the civic education curriculum, fall under the subject of civic skills and awareness of environmental issues (Civic Literacy and Environmental Concerns).

Success of the Course

Chiang Mai University's citizenship program has achieved remarkable growth and depth over the past years, now boasting a community of more than 29,000 learners who reap the educational rewards.

The table above illustrates the progressive increase in learner enrollment over recent semesters
SemesterYearNo. of Students
Total 33,607
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Student Activities

Championing Sustainability: Students Tackle the Mae Kha Canal Cleanup

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